*Everything that follows, are not just personal comments, BUT statements from instituted persons
"we the council of the South African League take note of the 1B.. illegal prefix and will listen out for it"
K5ZD Director CQ WPX Contest
" The WPX Contest does not recognize Amateur radio calls with the 1B prefix. These will be removed from all logs. I believe the CQ WW Contest also has the same policy."
RSGB Rad Com magazine 82 (6/2006 p.6)
"........Beware of pirate and illegal callsigns...........
...AROS (Amateur Radio Observation Service) has also asked us to stress that the use of "1B/UK call-sign is not allowed under UK licensing regulations. 1B is only recognised by North Cyprus and Turkey, and not by the rest of ITU entities that govern radio station calls. Therefore, even a UK amateur is given written permission to use "1B/UK callsign" by the North Cyprus authorities, it is a breach of international regulations for the amateur to use that callsign.
Indeed, an amateur could lose his UK liecense if he persisted in using "1B/UK callsign".
Please contact AROS if you hear anyone operating in this way."

Jimmy KB5FSV (qrz.com DX helper ) wrote:
The official status of "1B" is that IT DOESN'T EXIST. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus declared independence in 1983 from Cyprus after a coup. The only nation that acknowledges and recognizes this country is TURKEY. But the remainder of the world, the ITU, the United Nations, and so on officially recognize the area as still a part of the nation of CYPRUS. There is no official ITU Prefix for the faux "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus," which includes all Television, Broadcast Radio, and Amateur Radio callsigns.
Therefore, ANYONE who makes contact with a "1B" callsign on the air is in violation of PARTS 97 of the FCC rules [97.111] (for those USA Hams). No US Amateur may communicate with a non-amateur radio operator unless authorized by the FCC.
And I seriously doubt that the FCC authorizes communications with "1B" since it's not officially recognized by the ITU, ARRL, or any other structured amateur radio organization.
In my personal, honest oppinion, I feel and believe that the only callsigns that should be added to the database be that of legally recognized and sanctioned amateur radio callsigns. This B.S. about adding SWL callsigns, C.B. callsigns, and Pirate stations is bunk! QRZ is an AMATEUR RADIO CALLSIGN DATABASE. Not a "RADIO CALLSIGN DATABASE." If these non-licensed people want to be on a database, then they should make their own database site and add them. And that is my oppinion on it."
W9IS Bob QRZ member
"...1B is not issued by the ITU, the TRNC is no recognised by the international community as a country, it is illegally occupied territory, the Turkish military do not have a legal right to be on Cyprus.
Why do you think all mail to the TRNC goes through Mercin in Turkey? Because the IPU does not recognise TRNC as a country. The same should be done for amateur radio, they should operate with Turkish callsigns until such time as the Cyprus question is answered.
The non-political answer is to go with the International Telecommunications Union, International Postal Union and the United Nations, European Union and not recognise TRNC (and therefore 1B).
You need to talk to those entities not hams, we'd rather not get involved in opposing the UN, ITU, EU etc. The recognition of TRNC has to come from there first, to enter the realm of politics and recognise 1B would be a dangerous precedent for ham radio, every would be nation would come to ham radio to get a form of international recognition. Let's not even think of going there.
If you take a political stance, expect to be called a pirate, it comes with the trade."
Bernie W3UR (The daily DX) wrote:
Several subscribers have asked why is the 1B prefix being used?
Forsome reason Amateur Radio (?) operators have been using the 1B prefixfrom a part of Cyprus called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Use of the 1B prefix is illegal and not sanctioned by the ITU and doesnot count for anything for DXCC purposes.
With this in mind it is the policy of The Daily DX and The Weekly DX not to promote any 1B/xx#xxx activities. The same can be said for the 1X prefix, which has been used in the past for Chechnya."
1B1AB email (Sunday, March 15, 2009 03:01
Confusion on ham QRGs about 1B1AB (from DX clusters)
G2JL 7024.0 1B1AB Hmmm... 1856 30 Nov
G8GXP 18133.0 1B1AB legal???? 1358 26 Nov
RA4UF 14012.1 1B1AB new dxcc WOW! 1353 27 Feb
F5CH 14013.5 1B1AB what is this station ?? 1035 07 Nov
KW2HV-@ 14261.9 1B1AB Is this a valid prefix? 1155 11 Sep
DC6NY-@ 14320.0 1B1AB valid call sign ??? 1251 09 Sep
W2IJ 14262.0 1B1AB COUNTRY PSE? 2110 24 Jun
N2KPB 14257.0 1B1AB ? NEW TURKEY CALLS 1805 31 Aug
VE5MC-@ 14262.0 1B1AB Where is 1B??????????????? 1918 07 Aug
LA5QIA-@ 14000.0 1B1AB Where does this call belong? 1727 20 Jun
SP2EXE-@ 7017.0 1B1AB Not valid for DXCC - pirate ? 2300 26 Oct
K8EUR 14269.9 1B1AB Not new - Turkey 1858 26 Apr
SM5JPG-@ 14263.0 1B1AB Pirate ???? 1752 15 Jul
EA3CZR 21240.0 1B1AB Chipre Turck 1220 10 Nov
F4MBZ 14256.0 1B1AB NO NO NO NO PIRATE!!! 1241 12 Nov
DL6AB-@ 14000.0 1B1AB collects IRC=$=NO QSL!! 1506 05 May
IV3VBM 14000.0 1B1AB Not valid for DXCC ( Turchie 1500 05 May
K7VAY-@ 14000.0 1B1AB 5B4 for DXCC 1459 05 May
I8SUS-@ 7016.0 1B1AB USD collector never QSL 2021 13 Mar
UW1GZ-@ 14000.0 1B1AB not new, just forbidden;) 1355 27 Feb
F6AOJ 14256.0 1B1AB north cyprus nil for dxcc 0850 24 Feb
F6BIV-@ 7000.0 1B1AB D'nt send him your QSL He nev 1800 11 Feb
IZ0HTW 14256.0 1B1AB COUNTRY IS TURKEY 1138 04 Feb
DX0DX-@ 14256.0 1B1AB qrt - bad and illegal callsign 1009 01 Feb
9A3JB 14176.0 1B1AB WHERE IS MY QSL?????????????' 1120 31 Jan
9A3JB 14174.0 1B1AB Soyer - where is my DIRECT QS 1450 10 Jan
DL6ATI 7016.9 1B1AB no DXCC only $$$$$$$$ 1712 13 Dec
DF0WBS 7014.3 1B1AB $$$$$$$$ Hunter 1711 06 Dec
F6BIV-@ 14000.0 1B1AB He never answer to your QSL b 2045 21 Nov
RZ1OM 14008.0 1B1AB not valid for DXCC 1342 29 Oct
DX1EUR 14249.7 1B1AB Pse - boycot this illegal cal 0805 14 Oct
DF7DQ 14252.0 1B1AB is a pirat!!! 1503 29 Sep
W4DUP 14257.0 1B1AB that's CYPRUS 1838 31 Aug
S58F 14262.0 1B1AB Prefix 1B is not assigned in 1831 16 Jul
LA5SJA 14262.0 1B1AB Not Valid dxcc !!!!!!!!!! 1524 02 Jul
IW2NOY 14262.2 1B1AB NO Pirate! Valid EDXCC! Turke 1512 02 Jul
ON4NA 14262.2 1B1AB NOT VALID FOR DXCC.PIRAT. 1510 02 Jul
LU4DX 14256.0 1B1AB Turkey special call 1746 20 Jun
DL1ARS 14256.9 1B1AB *Attention Pirat in action* 2127 18 Jun
SP5IT 14251.9 1B1AB Pirate callsign 1801 13 Jun
PA2RU 14257.0 1B1AB piratye 1639 07 Jun
MM0LID-@ 14266.0 1B1AB DOLLAR HUNTER.. FAKE! 1836 05 Jun
MM0LID-@ 14200.0 1B1AB Pirate call.. NO LICENSE 1832 05 Jun
PA2RU 14266.0 1B1AB pirate?? 1806 05 Jun
OE3TAC-@ 14258.0 1B1AB It is North Cyprus-Turkey 1834 31 May
DK8NC 14260.0 1B1AB NO DXCC, NO ITU-CALL 1724 31 May
F8IXZ-@ 14258.0 1B1AB stop - illegal callsign 0545 31 May
DK8NC 14256.0 1B1AB No DXCC Prefix 1B not ITU con 1621 01 Jun
F8IXZ-@ 14258.0 1B1AB stop - illegal callsign 0545 31 May
G4ZOY 14262.0 1B1AB unauthorized call sign 1853 16 May
G4ZOY 14267.0 1B1AB This guy is a pirate !! 1858 14 May
IK2IWU 14267.0 1B1AB non official call non valid f 1856 14 May
YV5ANF 14266.0 1B1AB ILEGAL CALL 1809 14 May
W3UR 14270.0 1B1AB This is an illegal station 1842 26 Apr
K2DC 14270.0 1B1AB Not on DXCC list-no credit 1855 26 Apr
IS0YTG 14270.0 1B1AB 59 turkey 1844 26 Apr